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When you have a project that requires clearing, moving earth, or preparing land to build, D&D Construction, Clearing & Grading LLC is ready to tackle the job.  We can clear any plot of land, shape it to your specifications, and transport all waste material off site.  We grade terrain for drainage, pour concrete pads, prepare driveways, build retaining walls, and install septic systems.  Show us your plans, and we’re ready to go.   D&D has the heavy machinery to handle any type of site prep work and the experience you expect to complete your project professionally.  We take pride in delivering expert results that satisfy the specific demands of our customers throughout Upstate South Carolina.

Septic Tanks

If you’re building a home or business outside city water services, you’ll probably need a septic tank.  At D&D, we offer expert installation services. We’ll break ground, dig the trenches, complete a secure installation, and finish by grading the surface.  We also do a variety of repairs on existing septic systems, so let us know if we can help.


Sometimes, before you can build, you need to get rid of an existing structure.  We are demolition experts, and can take down any house, barn or building you may have on your property.  Once we’ve leveled it, we’ll haul away the building waste, leaving a clean plot of land behind.

Lot/Site Preparation

Need to prepare an overgrown piece of land for construction?  We’ll remove trees, vines, rocks and other obstacles to strip your site down to the smooth dirt, and we’ll transport everything we dig up off the site.  You’ll never know what was there before, and you’ll be ready to begin building.


Proper drainage is vital around any structure, and you can rely on D&D to grade and shape your land in an environmentally sound layout.  Or, if you simply want to change the look of your terrain for a better appearance, we’ve got the heavy machinery to get it done to your specifications.

Commercial Work

In addition to residential work, D&D performs site preparation for a wide variety of commercial businesses.  We begin by clearing and leveling land, removing old structures, if necessary, and carefully grading the earth for optimum drainage.  We construct retaining walls to your specifications for practical function and appealing appearances. And whatever size of concrete foundation pad needed for your commercial building, our resources are ready to pour.

Dump Truck Hauling

Whether we’re clearing land of trees, rocks, vegetation or dirt, D&D offers dump truck services to clear the debris from your property.  We can remove demolished structures, broken concrete and asphalt, or just about anything necessary to prep your site.  Plus, we will deliver gravel, soil and other materials necessary to shape your terrain in preparation of driveway and foundation work.  When it comes to dump truck hauling, we keep it moving.

Storm Drains

Nothing is worse than water leaking into your home or business due to poor drainage.  At D & D, we dig and install a variety of efficient drainage systems so that storm water will move away from structures, helping to avoid major problems.

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About Our Company

Since being established in 2014, D&D Construction Clearing and Grading LLC has done professional site clearing, DHEC-licensed septic work, drainage, land contouring and foundation pouring for countless satisfied clients.  Andrew and Donnie both started driving heavy equipment in their childhood, and their love of working the land and preparing foundations led them into the construction business.  Both worked for other employers, but they knew they had the drive to be successful as an independent company.  Andrew’s 7 years of experience, paired with Donnie’s 13 years, adds up to powerful teamwork.  And speaking of experience, Donnie is even a backhoe rodeo champion!  The D&D Construction philosophy is simple: deliver quality work and build a positive relationship with every customer. That’s what they do every day.